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Where Can I See a Smith Brothers Reclining Couch or Something Similar?

By Jeff Frank


I’m looking for a Smith Brothers couch with a motorized recliner at both ends in either fabric or leather.

But I can’t seem to find a retail store near me that carries that brand.

Can you help me find a store or outlet that sells Smith Brothers furniture nearby?

If there is no local dealer for Smith Brothers, can you recommend an alternative brand? David, Sept. 8, 2022


[Update – Smith Brothers discontinued their reclining furniture line as of July 2022.]

Try The Ultimate Back Store in Sacramento.

They appear to be the only Smith Brothers authorized dealer within several hundred miles of your location.

Smith Brothers does make excellent quality, highly durable seating.

But, in general, the average lifespan of large reclining pieces (sofas and sectionals) is about half as long as stationary sofas and sectionals made by the same manufacturer.

Reclining chairs seem to have fewer problems than the larger pieces.

As an alternative, I suggest you check out Omnia Leather.

Omnia is a leather specialist.

The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Chino, CA.

Omnia is a large, well known, high quality upholstered furniture brand.

It offers an extensive selection of stationary and reclining sofas, sectionals and chairs.

Omnia Leather dealerships are located all over California, including several near Sacramento.

The company is large enough so that they have an extensive network of nationwide dealerships.

Click here for Omnia’s dealer locator.

Although Omnia specializes in leather, fabric is also available, at lower prices..

The fabric selection includes performance fabrics from Culp’s LiveSmart collection.

Omnia’s reclining furniture prices start below Smith Brothers.

But there is a wide price range, including models with prices comparable to Smith Brothers.

The photo shown above is from Omnia’s Bergamo 24 collection.

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