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How Much Is My Used Drexel Furniture Worth? Can I Sell It?

By Jeff Frank


I have a Drexel cabinet. It’s got a couple of small scratches on one of the drawers and the top needs to be sanded and oiled.

What do you think the piece is worth? I know you can’t give me a completely accurate appraisal without touching it and seeing it in person, but from what you can see in the photos how much do you think it’s worth and how might I go about selling it.

June 5, 2020


There are a couple of websites that specialize in selling used Drexel furniture. Of course the better the condition, the more they will pay.

I am not sure whether or not they will be interested in your piece. It is not similar to the other Drexel pieces on their websites. I believe that your cabinet was made by Drexel’s contract division, which primarily supplied government, healthcare, hotels, schools and other institutional facilities.

Check out Chairish and 1st Dibs.  Drexel furniture is also sold on Ebay. Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “How Much Is My Used Drexel Furniture Worth? Can I Sell It?”

  1. I have two night stands and a highboy. They both have three numbers. a dash and three more numbers. It also has the word Touraine on the back. I would like to know the value.

    • I don’t know of any Touraine furniture brand.

      There was a Touraine French Provincial collection made by Drexel in the 1950s through 1960s.
      Lexington also had a Touraine collection. It may have been inherited from Drexel as the two companies had the same ownership for several years.

      Drexel and Lexington both make excellent quality furniture, but it is not heirloom quality or from a famous designer.
      You can check the value with an auction house that specializes in antique furniture, but I doubt the auction value will be very high.

      Jeff Frank

  2. Naples 7/23/21.

    Hello. I was wondering if you can give us an idea of what our Drexel Heritage Furnishings may be worth. We ordered our bedroom set before my wife and got married back in 1981 . They took six months for the furniture to be made Italian style. 1 bedroom set queen with headboard = 49276 – G02-532 grand villa by Drexel 481 , 2= night tables g02-g20 1 grad villa also 981 , inspector 119708 Warfield Ward , 1= dresser (hers) g02-420 1 grand villa 481 insp. 100774 ( includes 1 center mirror and 1 on each side . , 1= dresser ( his ) g02-420 1 grand villa 481 same inspector . 100774 , 1 = china cabinet grand tour ( bottom and top ) 242-444 inspected by two inspectors 64478 and 11620 , 1 dining table with 3 wings to become 12 feet long 242-340 by heritage and 4 chairs without armrest and 2 with them , hdr seat 603124-003 , 242-810 A CH A0102-23 . In total we have = 2 night tables , 1 queen bed , 2 dressers ( hers with 1 center mirror and 2 ,1 on each side ), 1 china cabinet with lights = top and bottom , 1 table ( 12 feet long ) 4 chairs without arm rest and 2 end ones . Everything it is real wood and in great condition , we were thinking in selling them and simplify our lives since our son and future wife don’t think to appreciate quality , we paid back in 1981 about $ 42K because we knew that we wanted quality and something that will last a long time . They want modern stuff , so before we gift it or donated we rather sell it .Thanks and hope to hear from you . If pictures will make it easier , let me know and I can try to upload them and where ?

    • With used furniture, the value is whatever you can sell it for. Condition is the most important factor in determining price. A used Bassett bedroom set in excellent condition will probably sell for a higher price than a used John Widdicomb bedroom set in poor condition, even though the John Widdicomb may have originally sold for 3 or 4 times as much when new.

      If your Drexel Heritage furniture is in excellent shape, you may want to get it appraised by an auction house.


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