Is This Used Thomasville Desk a Good Value?

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Found this desk that is almost perfect (would like it to be longer).

It has all the storage I need and is backless. Double Pedestal Exec desk by Thomasville.

You happen to have seen anything like this by chance?

It is being offered for $160 (used.) Is that a good value?



Thomasville made excellent desks.
The resale value of furniture is highly dependent on the condition of the piece.
In the photo, the desk appears to be in excellent condition.
 Buying a new desk of similar quality would cost you well over $1000.
The $160 asking price is a great value for you if the desk is in good condition.
Click here for a link to traditional desks at Houzz. All of the desks listed here for less than $1000 are far lower quality than the Thomasville desk you are considering.
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