What is the Best Couch or Sectional That Fits Through Narrow Doors and Stairways?

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I just moved into a new apartment and ordered a couch!

The downside is the building is over 100 years old and has a super narrow door (29 inches).

I was almost able to squeeze the couch through the door but the ceiling is at an odd angle and it got stuck. Does anyone have experience with assembly required sofas?

I don’t have a ton of money and I’m hoping to find one that isn’t too expensive but also has an adequate weight capacity (maybe 700+ lbs) as well as being long enough for me (I’m 76 inches tall).

Does anyone know where to find these?

Everything I see is either very expensive or doesn’t look very sturdy.


Sofa in a Box seating has grown tremendously over the past 5 years.

This furniture category is also known as RTA (Ready To Assemble.)

Almost all of the brands that make better quality RTA couches also make matching sectionals that fit through narrow spaces.

Until recently, most RTA sofas were cheaply made, selling for less than $1000.

Several brands now sell better quality RTA sofas in the $1200 – $3000 price range.

Most of these brands also sell RTA sectionals in the $2000 – $4000 price range.

Good quality Sofa in a Box (RTA sofa) Brands include:






Albany Park

There are other brands as well, including IKEA.

Good quality RTA sofas and sectionals have an average lifespan of 5 –  10 years.

The lifespan you get will depend on how often the furniture is used and the size of the people using it.

Cushions normally wear out after 5 years (or less for larger than average individuals.)

The 10 year lifespan estimate assumes the cushion cores will be replaced at least once.

Most of the new Sofa in a Box Brands are Mid-century modern in style.

One Sofa-in-a -box brand is unique.

Simplicity Sofas has been making custom-built RTA sofas, sleepers and sectionals since 2007.

The company’s modular design allows it to build sectionals of unlimited size.

Although the largest sectional requested so far has been 12 seats, much larger sectionals are also possible.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture fits through 15″ width doors or stairways.

This includes sleepers and very large sectionals.

This Simplicity Ashton sofa with solid oak frame ships unassembled and fits through 15″ width doors and stairways.

Simplicity Sofas seating is primarily traditional and transitional in style, although modern styles are available.

The company does not make mid-century modern styling.

Simplicity Sofas sells its furniture exclusively online.

It has done this since first opening its North Carolina factory in 2007, since before Amazon and Wayfair made online furniture purchasing commonplace.

The company does not advertise.

It does not have “Sales Events” or offer any discounts.

Simplicity Sofas has an extensive order backlog.

But if you order only a single piece in an in-stock fabric, there is a possibility you may get your furniture within 3 – 4 months.

Larger orders may take a year or more.

Simplicity Sofas has stopped accepting orders for leather until the order backlog is substantially reduced.

Leather seating takes 3x as long to make as fabric.

It is often very difficult to reach the company by either email or phone.

Customer service is terrible.

The quality of the furniture is so good that there have been almost no quality-related complaints over the entire 15 year history of the company.

Simplicity Sofas furniture is designed and built to last forever.

That is not an exaggeration!

Check out Simplicity Sofas’ blog article, Why Can’t Sofas Last Forever?

Simplicity Sofas construction includes:

100% solid oak frames.

2.5 density foam for the standard cushions (and there are two upgrade options.)

All cushions should last 15+ years for most people.

All parts of the furniture can be easily replaced when they do wear out.

solid oak frame

Simplicity Sofas Solid oak frame

Sofa in a Box frames are usually plywood or engineered wood products. Sometimes solid Alder (or other lightweight hardwoods) are used.

Cushions are typically 1.8 or 2.0 density foam, with an average lifespan of 5 years for average size people.

5 years ago, a Simplicity Sofa cost at least $500 more than all other RTA sofa brands.

Since 2017, while furniture prices have skyrocketed throughout the industry, the company has not raised prices (or reduced its quality.)

Sofa prices still range from $2000 – $2500 (depending on fabric and options selected.)

Sectional prices average $1200 – $1400 per seat.

Important Notes: I do not receive payment or compensation of any kind from any of the brands named in this article.

I do not receive payment or compensation for any of the dozens of brands reviewed in InsidersGuideToFurniture.com.

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