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Where Can I Find a High Quality Sectional with Chaise for Under $4000?

By Jeff Frank


I’m looking for a midrange sectional with a chaise configuration, 100″-125″ in length.

I want a deeper than normal seat depth in the 28″ range but also a higher overall height in the 36″ range along with a lower arm rest about 8″ high from the seat.

It’s hard to find this configuration in your recommended list.

Price would like to be around 6k or under, but could be flexible if higher quality would be worth it.

The closest sectionals I’ve found on your website are:

MedleyHome Blumen – But the overall height is lower than I want.

Mantle Burke – Everything is good except only 24″ seat depth

SimplicitySofa Seems not long enough or deep enough

I found a Lazyboy Alani that matches, but it is not on your recommended list.


Mantle and Medley Home are custom manufacturers.

If you call them, they may be able to adjust back and arm heights, seat depths, or other dimensions for a few hundred dollars extra.

If you are ordering the 28″ seat depth from Medley Home, you may not need the extra height on the back cushions. 

The Blumen back seat cushions are only 9″ high, compared with a more common 15 – 16″ for most styles.

Medley Home can probably make you higher back cushions if that is what you want.

But the extra seat depth may make the lower back cushion height more comfortable on that particular model.

I suggest that you speak with someone at Medley Home to find the best solution for you.

Mantle can probably make you a 28″ seat depth as a special order.

Both Medley Home and Mantle should last for 20+ years if you get them with 2.5 density foam or Spring Down cushions.


DreamSofa is a Direct-to-Consumer high end custom manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Although most people are not familiar with the DreamSofa brand name, the company makes all high end custom seating for Apt2B.

The website includes over 60 sectional styles with kiln-dried solid hardwood frames, sinuous wire foundations, and optional upgraded Plush cushions (coil spring cores surrounded by 2.5 density foam.)

DreamSofa sectionals are built to last 15 – 20+ years.

The LaZBoy Alani will probably hold up for 8 – 10 years.

The price is similar to the two longer lasting brands listed above.

Restoration Hardware is a retailer.

They buy from many different manufacturers. In general, their prices are high for the quality you receive.

Many people look for seating with specific seat depths.

What they do not realize is that the seat depth alone does not determine overall comfort.

Overall comfort is a created by a combination of many factors working together, including seat height, seat depth, back pitch, back depth, and cushions.

Check out my article, What is the Most Comfortable Seat Depth for a Sofa? for more detailed information on this topic.

28″ (from the front of the back cushions to the front of the seat cushions) is an unusually deep seat depth. (21 – 24″ is more standard.)

Normally, 28″ deep seat cushions are found only when the seat height is very low (15 – 16″) and/or the back cushions are “multi-pillow” (small back cushions that are more numerous than the seat cushions.)

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