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Which is the Best Recliner for a Very Tall Man?

By Jeff Frank


My husband is 6 ft. 8 inches tall. What reclining chair will be most comfortable for him? Thelma B.


Your question did not include your husband’s weight.

When searching for the best Big & Tall reclining furniture, weight is more important than height.

There are many reclining chairs designated as “Made for Big & Tall.”

Usually, they have extra-tall backs. Many are specified as having a maximum weight limitation of 250 or 350 lbs.

Chairs designed for 6′ 8″ men weighing 200 lbs. can be completely wrong for individuals weighing 250 or 300+ lbs.

The first problem is the width of the seat. Normal seat cushions are 20″ – 24″ wide. (Most are 21 – 22 inches wide.) That is not enough for “large” individuals.

The other problem is that weight limitations apply only to the frames and mechanisms. They do not apply to the foam used in the seat cushions. 

Where a 200 lb. person may get 5 years of comfortable use from a reclining chair, a 250 lb. person may wear out the same foam within 2 – 3 years and a 300 lb. individual may wear out the foam in 1 year.

Foam cannot be upgraded in mass produced reclining chairs with non-removable seats.

It may be possible to upgrade to a 2.5 or higher density foam in a top quality reclining chair or sofa with removable seat cushions. (Spring down seat cushions also last longer for large individuals.)

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