Who Makes Better Quality Sofas: C.R. Laine or Rowe?

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Which furniture brand makes a better sofa, CR Laine or Rowe Robin Bruce?
Toni, Oct. 16, 2022


C.R. Laine is better.

C.R. Laine makes high-quality sofas.

The company has built hand-crafted custom upholstery in Hickory, NC for over 60 years.


C.R. Laine’s frames are made using 5/4″ or thicker kiln-dried hardwoods. Joints are double-doweled, glued, screwed and corner blocked.

These frames should last 20+ years. 


Foundations are 8 way hand-tied coil springs.

This is the most expensive and comfortable seat suspension made.

The factory cost (not including the retail markup) is over $100 more than the sinuous wire springs used by most mid-range quality furniture makers.

Expert craftspeople are required to make these foundations.

Manufacturers who spends the money and have the worker expertise needed to make 8-way hand tied furniture rarely cheat on other parts of the sofa.

8 way hand-tied foundations should last 20+ years before needing reupholstering.

15 years ago, 5/4″ solid hardwood frames and 8 way hand-tied foundations were required for a sofa to be considered “high-end.”

Currently, there are many “high end” brands that are using less expensive construction materials.


C.R. Laine offers 5 different cushion options.

The spring down cushions should last 15+ years for most people, with very little loss of firmness or comfort during the cushion’s entire lifespan.

C.R. Laine sofas are made to last 20+ years.

C.R. Laine – 8 Way Hand-Tied Construction Video

Rowe makes mid-range quality sofas.


Rowe’s frame is plywood.

It should last 10 – 20+ years without problems, but it is not as good as C.R. Laine’s 5/4″ solid hardwood frames.


Rowe uses sinuous wire and webbing for their foundations (seat suspensions.)

Each should last 10+ years without problems, but both are far less costly (and far less comfortable) than 8 way hand-tied.


Rowe has 10 different cushion options.

The 2.5 density cushion core option will last twice as long as the 1.8 density foam options

It should also hold up several years longer than the option with a 1.8 density core and a 2.5 density foam wrapper.

Rowe’s sofas are at the high end of mid-range quality.

The main factor distinguishing Rowe’s sofas from other mid-range seating is the variety of better quality cushion options.

If you get Rowe’s standard 1.8 density cushions, the average sofa lifespan will be 5 – 10 years for average size people.

With the 2.5 density foam core cushion option, the sofa’s life expectancy is 10 – 20 years.

Rowe Robin Bruce sofa

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