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What are the Other Sofa Companies that Produce High Quality Sofas?

By Jeff Frank


Thanks for the thorough details and great insights in your previous answer.  It’s quite daunting trying to work through all the options, variations and differences without expert guidance.

This time around I intend to buy quality furniture that will last.  Based on your comments it’s clear that Smith Bros. will provide the quality I’m looking for.

Are there other manufacturers of the same caliber you suggest I look at before making a final decision?

Oct. 10, 2020


There are quite a few, but they can get pretty expensive. Many of  these companies are leather specialists, but all have a selection of fabrics as well.

Solid hardwood frames and 8 way hand-tied coils used to be requirements to be considered “high end” upholstered furniture.

Gradually some of the high end companies are increasing production efficiency by eliminating these luxury features with alternatives that are still very durable but far less costly.

  • Well-built plywood frames (that are thicker and more durable than cheaper plywood frames) can now be found on some high end brands.

Smith Brothers is actually at the lower end of true high end furniture. Just a few of the other high end upholstered furniture manufacturers (in no particular order) would be:

Hancock & Moore

Bradington Young (Plywood frames)

Century Furniture


Hickory White

Precedent Furniture

Hickory Chair

Cabot Wrenn

Highland House  (Plywood frames)

Taylor King

King Hickory (Plywood frames)

King Hickory, Highland House and Bradington Young are probably the closest matches in quality and price to Smith Brothers. The others listed may all be more expensive.

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2 thoughts on “What are the Other Sofa Companies that Produce High Quality Sofas?”

    • You didn’t specify whether you are looking for upholstered or wood furniture.
      I have listed about 100 woodworking companies that sell direct to the customer in my article, Can I Buy Furniture Direct From the Factory?

      If your question refers to upholstered furniture, there are fewer possibilities.
      Prices for high quality custom sofas sold online start at around $2000 and can go much higher, especially if you are looking for leather.

      Simplicity Sofas is probably the oldest direct to customer upholstery brand in the U.S.
      The company was the first 100% online furniture manufacturer when it opened in 2007 (before Amazon and Wayfair began selling furniture.)

      Simplicity Sofas specializes in furniture for small spaces and also for extremely durable seating.
      Check out my article Why Can’t Sofas Last Forever?
      The potential problem with Simplicity Sofas is that they have a very heavy order backlog and customer service is poor.
      There have been several recent reviews complaining about late orders and difficulty reaching customer service by email and phone.
      The company does not offer any discounts, including during holiday sales periods.

      Mantle Furniture is a manufacturer selling exclusively online.

      The company makes high quality 8 way hand tied upholstered seating. Sofa prices begin around $2000 in fabric, several hundred dollars less than many brands making similar quality furniture sold through retailers.

      Mantle offers 4 – 8 week “quick shipping.” To accomplish this they have a limited product line and limited fabric selection.
      But they can do custom sizes and options upon request.

      Check out my article, Where Can I Find a High Quality 8 way hand tied Sofa at a Reasonable Price? for a review on Mantle Furniture.
      Mantle Furniture has special discounts for InsidersGuideToFurniture.com blog readers.

      There are a few other upholstery lines that pretend to be manufacturers selling direct online but actually are online retailers.
      They sell under their own brand name, but the furniture is actually sourced from several different small manufacturers.

      Maiden Home is one of the best of these online brands.

      Another interesting online brand is Interior Define
      This company offers a wide variety of different furniture types.
      The website is more informative than most and easier to navigate.


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