Where Can I Find a High Quality 8-way-hand-tied Sofa at a Reasonable Price?

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I have searched your website, but I can’t find what I’m looking for.
 I’m replacing a 20-year-old 8-way hand tied sofa with spring down cushions that has been great.
I know they don’t make them like they used to, but is it possible to get a really good quality 8-way-hand-tied-sofa at a reasonable price these days?
Brenda, August 2, 2022


If you have enjoyed your current sofa for 20 years, it can be reupholstered.

Many upholstered furniture brands made higher quality furniture 20 years ago than they do today.

If you still like the style and feel, fabric, foam & cushions can all be replaced.

Reupholstery costs can get quite high if you want the frame altered, need the 8-way-hand-tied foundation replaced, or select expensive fabrics or leathers.

But reupholstery can also be surprisingly affordable.

Thousands of highly durable, easy to clean fabrics are available for less than $20/yd.

High-priced designer fabrics are available at huge discounts once they are discontinued.

If you really want a new couch, check out Mantle Furniture.


This is a 3rd generation North Carolina custom sofa manufacturing team that recently started selling direct to consumers.

8-way-hand-tied sofas generally have starting prices above $3000.

Mantle’s 8-way-hand-tied sofas start around $2000.

Although Mantle’s price list does not show a Spring Down option, that should not be a problem if you contact Mantle’s customer service.

Mantle is made in the factory of a well-known high-end North Carolina upholstery manufacturer.

The factory makes 10 different types of cushions, including Spring Down.

Both Mantle and the factory’s owner are part of the same family.

Mantle Furniture is the same quality, custom-built product, but with limited styles and fabrics.

The limited style and fabric selection enable Mantle to offer a Direct-to-Consumer Quick-ship program.

The Mantle line is not available in retail stores.

Bypassing retailers allows the company to offer reduced pricing compared with high end brands that sell through retailers.

Mantle’s factory is located in Maiden, NC.

Another upholstery manufacturer, also located in Maiden, is making similar quality 8-way hand-tied furniture at similar prices.

Maiden Home also bypasses retailers and ships Direct to Consumers.

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