Bassett’s Dawson Lane Marquee vs. Haverty’s Wrangler brand – Which Leather Reclining Sofa is Better?

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I am looking at a Bassett Dawson Lane Marquee leather reclining sofa and recliner from Nebraska Furniture Mart vs a Wrangler leather reclining sofa and recliner from Haverty’s.

How can I compare these two sofas?


Bassett and Wrangler are similar in quality.

The Wrangler reclining sofa and recliner are made in Vietnam.

The Wrangler sofa is exclusive to Haverty’s.

Other Wrangler sofas are also available, made by different manufacturers.

It is difficult to tell where the Dawson Lane Marquee is made.

Most Bassett sofa are made in the USA.

Both of these reclining furniture brands are using “leather match.”

They are not all-leather.

Leather match seating uses genuine top grain leather, but only for the parts of the furniture that you touch.

This includes the seat, back cushions & inside arms.

The rest of the sofas & recliners is a matching vinyl.

Using leather match, rather than all-leather, reduces the retail price by $200 – $300 for a reclining sofa in this style.

Leather match uses the least expensive top grain leathers available.

For a more detailed description of “leather match” see my blog article, Is leather match the same as bonded leather?

The Wrangler sofa describes its cushions as using 2.0 density foam.

The Dawson Lane sofa does not specify foam density. That almost always indicates the use of 1.8 density foam.

2.0 density foam usually lasts 1 – 2 years longer than 1.8 density foam.

These two reclining couches are very similar.

I would choose the Dawson Lane over the Wrangler.

The Dawson Lane is 84″ long and weighs 293 lbs.

The Wrangler is 87″ long and weighs only 229 lbs.

That is a substantial difference.

It indicates to me that the Dawson Lane will be more durable overall (except for the cushions.)

Reclining sofas in this price range have the shortest lifespan and highest complaint rate of any type of furniture.

The average lifespan for mid-range reclining sofas is 3 – 5 years.

The #1 problem is that the standard 1.8 density polyurethane foam seat cushions lose their resilience and comfort.

The loss of resilience and comfort sometimes begins within one year after purchase.

The sofa’s overall durability is affected by the size of the people sitting on the furniture and how often the furniture is used.

Reclining sofas in this price range almost always have non-removable seat cushions.

Non-removable cushions cannot be replaced economically.

The photo shown above is the Bassett Dawson Lane Marquee reclining sofa and loveseat.

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