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Keeping your furniture clean and well maintained can help it last longer. Different types of fabrics and stains may need to be treated and cleaned in very different ways.

High quality leather requires periodic cleaning and conditioning to maintain its best appearance and soft texture over time.

Removing cushion covers for cleaning can be a costly mistake. Hot water or dryers can shrink fabrics.  Most covers are not easy to replace after washing. Professional assistance may be required.


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Can I Refill Worn Out Couch Cushions?

Can I Refill Worn Out Couch Cushions?

Theoretically, you could stuff loose fiber into the cushion cover, but the couch cushions will look lumpy & uneven, and could easily be even less comfortable than they are currently.

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Question: Are sofa legs removable? Feb. 8, 2021  Answer: Most low and mid-priced sofas have removable (screw in) legs. Exceptions include:...


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