Sofa Durability vs. Cost: How to Buy a Durable, Affordable Couch

modern sofa

How much does a couch cost that will last for 10 years? It could cost less than $1000. At the same time, $3000 sofas may last 5 yrs or less.

England Furniture, Craftmaster or HickoryCraft? – Who Makes the Best Quality Sofas? Updated March, 2023

England is slightly above average quality for mid-range price sofas. Craftmaster is slightly better than England. HickoryCraft is owned by Craftmaster and specializes in Custom Orders.

Why Did Furniture Companies Continue to Sell Bonded Leather After Knowing It was Defective?

peeling bonded leather

Bonded leather is a defective product. Both manufacturers and retailers are well aware that bonded leather frequently peels or flakes within just a few years. The damage is not repairable and is not covered by warranty.

Furniture Glossary: A Listing of Furniture Terms 2023

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In this furniture glossary, we’ll tackle: The different styles and qualities of leather The nuts-and-bolts of frames, materials, and manufacturing terms The differences between similar or semi-interchangeable terms Many times, the mark of an insider is knowing the right terminology. Go into your next furniture negotiation sounding like a pro and get the deal you … Read more

How do I Find the Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa?

Sofa sleeeper

Question: I need a sofa sleeper for our second home at the beach. The more I look, the more confused and overwhelmed I get. So far, I have looked at Braxton Culler, Capris, Craftmaster, England and Bassett. How can anyone tell which sofa bed has the best construction & quality? Answer: This answer specifically addresses … Read more

Are Bauhaus Sectionals Good Quality?


Question Can you rate sectionals made by Bauhaus? Durability, construction, etc.? Answer Bauhaus is mid-range quality, mass produced furniture. Quality ranks slightly below LaZBoy, Craftmaster, Flexsteel. Bauhaus is especially known for its modern, oversized styles. In addition to selling under its own name through retailers, the company also supplies a few large retail chains as … Read more